A beautifully crafted humanist sans with calligraphic qualities

Billie is a humanist sans typeface with a calligraphic influence, designed for editorial purposes.  This font family is loaded with different styles of numerals that can be activated through OpenType features to enhance performance in text settings.

Billie has a spirited, friendly appeal and is available in 6 upright weights plus true italics.

Technical specifications:

Adobe Latin 3 (Adobe CE) character set.

479 characters.

12 Styles Available

  • Billie Light
  • Billie Light Italic
  • Billie Regular
  • Billie Regular Italic
  • Billie Medium
  • Billie Medium Italic
  • Billie SemiBold
  • Billie SemiBold Italic
  • Billie Bold
  • Billie Bold Italic
  • Billie Black
  • Billie Black Italic

Font Sampler

Try the font right here. Change the text, play with size, styles and glyphs.