A deliciously readable serif typeface with true italics

About Ozzie

Ozzie is a very readable old style book serif.  With warm contrast and fluid shapes, the typeface is easy on the eye making it great for body and header use in any print or digital environment. Available in 4 upright and 4 true italic styles.

Ozzie was created primarily as a traditional text font but adapts well to today’s digital technology, presenting the richness of the late baroque forms within modern text formats.

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Available in 8 Styles

  • Ozzie Regular
  • Ozzie Regular Italic
  • Ozzie Medium
  • Ozzie Medium Italic
  • Ozzie SemiBold
  • Ozzie SemiBold Italic
  • Ozzie Bold
  • Ozzie Bold Italic
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Tech Specs

Technical specifications:

Adobe Latin 3 (Adobe CE) character set.

479 characters.