A text or display typeface with a balance between seriousness and friendliness.

Testun is Welsh for text.  It works well as a text or display typeface as it achieves a balance between seriousness and friendliness.

It is a typeface with a coherent construct that has softened, rounded lineation and dipped serifs. The shapes have a soft appearance but without lacking definition.

Technical specifications:

Adobe Latin 3 (Adobe CE) character set plus Cyrillic.

432 characters.

14 Styles Available

  • Testun ExtraLight
  • Testun ExtraLight Italic
  • Testun Light
  • Testun Light Italic
  • Testun Regular
  • Testun Regular Italic
  • Testun SemiBold
  • Testun SemiBold Italic
  • Testun Bold
  • Testun Bold Italic
  • Testun ExtraBold
  • Testun ExtraBold Italic
  • Testun Black
  • Testun Black Italic

Font Sampler

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