A warm and playful sans serif

With its slightly rounded terminals Cerco is a soft and friendly font family with a bit of a warm and playful appearance. The intermediate styles are perfectly suited to body texts while the stronger weights look especially beautiful at display sizes.

Cerco is suitable for a wide range of applications in digital and printed environments: advertising and editorial design, signage and way-finding systems as well as brand design, profiting from its appealing and modern design.

Technical specifications:

Adobe Latin 3 (Adobe CE) character set.

498 characters.

12 Styles Available

  • Cerco Thin
  • Cerco Thin Italic
  • Cerco Light
  • Cerco Light Italic
  • Cerco Regular
  • Cerco Regular Italic
  • Cerco Medium
  • Cerco Medium Italic
  • Cerco Bold
  • Cerco Bold Italic
  • Cerco Black
  • Cerco Black Italic

Font Sampler

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