Licensing fonts doesn't need to be painful.

Font License Outsourcing

FontPeople is a Type Foundry with access to almost every font in the world, and we want to save you time and money.

Your agency or brand works with fonts.
It’s unavoidable. And procuring the right font licenses can be an arduous, time-consuming process, and if not done correctly, very costly in several ways.

Remaining compliant with fonts is tricky.
Your proof of purchase has now become your proof of licensing with many foundries. Agencies and brands can have many creative staff licensing from so many online sources, how is it possible to keep track of what your liabilities are? And how to control repeat purchases?

What about licensing a font from an independent designer? Have you ever had to license a font by buying something from a type designers Amazon wish list?

We did, so our client didn’t have to!

Now there is a better way to licence fonts

FontPeople provide a font licensing outsource service to agencies and brands across the world, removing the headaches that can come with sourcing the right font and the right licenses.

By using FontPeople’s managed font service, your company will:

  1. Streamline font purchasing time by using a single vendor.

  2. Lower the cost of fonts due to our favourable rates with type foundries.

  3. Have all your proof of font licensing in one place.

  4. Remain compliant by using a font expert to procure the right license, lowering the risk of copyright infringement for you and your clients.

  5. Save time in outsourcing the procurement of licenses with independent type designers, like the guy who wanted Amazon vouchers for the use of his font!

  6. Prevent repeat purchases of the same fonts over and over again!

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