20 styles from Thin to Ultra with accompanying italics

About Zabal

El Zabal is an industrial village in Cádiz, southern Spain where our founders Grandparents first met.  Royal Engineer, Kenneth Potter serving in Gibraltar and Matilda Garcia-Olmedo of La Linea de la Concepción were married in 1955.

Zabal is a 20 style family of 10 uprights and 10 italics with a variable font available for all axis.  It is a typeface with great durability and versatility that can be enjoyed at text and display sizes.

Even though Zabal belongs to the Geometric Sans Serif genre it breaks away from any rigidity with carefully softened details and harmonised proportions that add a warmer and welcoming tone, distancing itself from its strictly geometric ancestors.

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Available in 20 Styles

  • Zabal Thin
  • Zabal Thin Italic
  • Zabal ExtraLight
  • Zabal ExtraLight Italic
  • Zabal Light
  • Zabal Light Italic
  • Zabal Regular
  • Zabal Regular Italic
  • Zabal Medium
  • Zabal Medium Italic
  • Zabal SemiBold
  • Zabal SemiBold Italic
  • Zabal Bold
  • Zabal Bold Italic
  • Zabal ExtraBold
  • Zabal ExtraBold Italic
  • Zabal Black
  • Zabal Black Italic
  • Zabal Ultra
  • Zabal Ultra Italic
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Tech Specs

Technical specifications:

Adobe Latin 3 (Adobe CE) character set.

497 characters.